Orient Point

Two days of paddling in tidal races
Coastal Paddling

Prerequisite: Coastal Paddling or equivalent

Time: 2 day program

Space: Space is extremely limited on this program.

Price: See Price Page

News & Notes

On June 5 and 6, Sharon and Alec Bloyd-Peshkin from Have Kayaks Will Travel will be coaching on this program. Space is very limited.

Have you ever wanted to paddle in a tidal race, but didn't know how to get started? Tidal races and overfalls are a unique natural phenomena created when ocean currents are squeezed by constricting land masses and/or shallow depths resulting in increased current and turbulent water surfaces, a challenging and fun place to apply your advanced paddling skills. Similar to paddling on a very large river in sea kayaks.

This program will be a great way to challenge and sharpen existing skills as well as learn new ones. Plum Gut is located between Orient Point and Plum Island. It's the northern end of The Race, a large tidal race at the mouth of the Long Island Sound.

We try to keep the start of the first date as an introduction to tidal races but it's not an easy day and it will progress quickly. There can be lots of distance covered on both days. The second date covers the same skills but looking to spend most of the time in the race. The actual time paddling in the bumpy part of the race will be only a few hours with time to pull to the side (into an eddy) and rest. There are no places to get out of the kayaks. Lunch will just be snacks that you can eat in the kayak.

You want to make the most of the time but being willing to jump in and take advantage of this unique place. Ultimately the weather will determine exactly what we do. Wind speed and direction will influence the conditions and how easy or difficult the paddling is. What we really want is low wind with a nice swell going against the ebb current. This will jack up the height of the race. Without a swell conditions will be small. With a strong wind or large swell, conditions could get too large for us and we would modify the program.

Solid rescue skills are needed. Rescues have to be done quickly as the fast current can push us a long distance quickly.

Topics include: Roughwater rescues, navigation, roughwater paddling