Hudson River Kayak Weekend

with Scott Fairty, Greg Paquin, Alec & Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin

Alan Mapes, Bill Lozano and other coaches

kayak skills workshop

Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14

Duration: Saturday and Sunday

Price: $225 for the full event or $150 per day.

Cancellation Policy: Less then 21 days, $50 cancellation fee, Less then 7 days, 50% cancellation fee, Less then 48 hours, no refund unless space is filled.

Pre-registration is necessary. Space is limited.

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A weekend of learning and improving your skills from many excellent coaches. The event will be made up of different sessions to cover a wide variety of skills, techniques, assessments and some trips.


Here are Saturday’s sessions: Enter them on the registration form in your order of interest and will will do our best to accommodate everyone’s first choices. Also, let us know if there is anything specific you want covered on this day - we’re here for you!

We’ll start the day with a group gathering at 9:30 at the Center. The first class will get on the water at 10:00.

Session One, Open Boats: This session will cover canoe skills for all levels of paddlers. Paddling open boats will make you a better all around paddler. The skills are directly transferable to kayaking. Anyone interested in BCU 2 Star Assessment on Sunday needs to have good open boat skills -- this session will help!.

Session Two, Foundations of paddlesports. This is geared to all levels of paddlers. Every paddler needs to fine tune their current skills and learn some new skills. If you have something specific you want to work on, write a note on the registration so that the coaches can try to include it.

Session Three: Efficiency and effectiveness. This will work on making your skills more efficient. Travel a little faster with a refined forward stroke and turn a little more sharply.

Session Four: Exploring the Edges. Some of the best things in life come from exploring the edges, and the same is true of kayaking. We will play with how to get your boat up on edge (farther than you thought you could) and then work with all of the things you can do with this ability: turning, moving sideways, compensating for wind, and even extreme edging (bracing for support and rolling). We will play some games to increase comfort and efficiency while developing this essential skill.

Session Five: Greenland Paddling. Spend some time with a “skinny stick” paddle and discover the magic of this centuries-old design. How is it that a paddle made from a single 2x4” board is able to equal and, in some conditions, outperform a $500 carbon paddle? We will seek the answers. Two sessions are are available on Saturday, first one for newer Greenland paddlers and second sessions will build upon those skills. Additional Greenalnd instruction will be on Sunday.

Session Six: A little Support. This program will cover many of the ways you can get support. Be ready for a swim!

All sessions will incorporate rescues. Fun!

Saturday night we’ll have dinner together at the Center. This will allow everyone to hang out and talk about what has been covered and what else you want covered on Sunday.


Sunday has three tracks; Trip, Instruction or BCU (PNA) Assessment

Trip: a day tour with some skills coaching along the way. Cover some miles and practice some skills. Explore this beautiful part of the Hudson Valley.

Instructional session: we will fine tune skills. The coaches will cover the skills you are interested in working on. Additonal Greenland Skills will be covered for those who took the sessions on Saturday or have previous Greenland skills.

Assessment Session; We will have a BCU 2 Star Assessment and a BCU Foundation Safety and Rescue Training. Why take an assessment? Assessments offer the most detailed feedback you can have on the current state of your skills, and lead to an action plan to achieve your goals. If you meet the required 2 Star skills, you will have the option of paying for the BCU certificate. Paddlers planning to take an assessment will be guided to the sessions they should take on Saturday to help with the assessment on Sunday. Read the syllabus for the program you are interested in to help you plan your training on Friday and Saturday.


2 Star Syllabus

Foundation Safety and Rescue Training Syllabus


Scott Fairty

Scott Fairty

The Power of Water 

Scott began his paddling career as a whitewater boater in New England and took up sea kayaking as a way to stay in shape during the dry season. He has lead trips in northern Ontario, the Adirondack and Ireland . Scott has paddled most of New England and Mid-Atlantic's classic whitewater runs also the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and portions of the coast of most Eastern states. He has also paddled a bit in Ireland and Wales. Scott has been a guest coach at many of the country's major sea kayak symposiums.

Jack Phelan

Jack Phalen

I've been teaching Outdoor Education at Friends Seminary, a co-ed independent Quaker school in NYC, since 1989. I've been working as a coach with Atlantic Kayak Tours for over 20 years. I enjoy sharing my interest and passion for paddlesports with a range of learners from 6 years to 60+. I've spent time paddling in Belize, the Bahamas, Wales, Lake Superior, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, Eastern LI Sound and of course the Hudson River.

Greg Paquin

Greg Paquin

Founder of Kayak Waveology in Connecticut.

I’m a frequent visitor to Anglesey N. Wales, The Isle Of Man, Scottish Western isles, the coast of Down East Maine, Canadian Maritimes/ Bay Of Fundy, Rhode Island surfing beaches, our local Tidal Race waters here in Eastern Long Island Sound, and elsewhere were ocean waters move with a purpose. I have had the pure enjoyment in coached numerous paddlers in the  New England paddling community, and beyond from there beginnings and to see their advancements and achievements.

Alec Bloyd-Peshkin

Alec Bloyd-Peshkin

Have Kayaks Will Travel 

Alec Bloyd-Peshkin began paddling in sea kayaks and was immediately smitten. He appreciates being close to the water and exploring a variety of conditions under human power. He also enjoys whitewater kayaking and open canoeing. His home waters are the southern end of Lake Michigan, but he has paddled on both coasts and, recently, Wales. Alec enjoys working with paddlers everywhere along the skills spectrum, and he is always tinkering with new ideas for games and activities to incorporate into his coaching.

Alan Mapes

Alan Mapes

Alan Mapes guides and instructs with Atlantic Kayak Tours and helped to develop the Norrie Point Paddlesport Center. He has paddled coastal waters in every state from Maine to Mississippi, using hand-carved Greenland paddles and home-built kayaks, both skin-on-frame and modern wood/composite. As a retired environmental educator, Alan enjoys sharing the natural wonders of the Hudson River with new kayakers.

Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin

Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin

Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin is coach from the Chicago area who loves helping people develop their skills and their confidence so they can enjoy the type of paddling they aspire to do. It's always a good day on the water when she learns something new about paddling or coaching, and she finds most days to be very good, indeed. She's a BCU UKCC Coach 2, ACA Level 4 sea kayak instructor, and ACA Level 3 river kayak instructor.

Other Coaches

Each of the main coaches will have an assistant assigned to help on land and on the water. These coaches will help run the sessions and make sure everyone gets the personalized attention they need.

Rhode Island Ocean Skills Workshop: Tides, Currents, Rocks and More!

Have Kayaks, Will Travel and Power of Water

Scott Fairty, Sharon & Alec Bloyd-Peshkin, Bill Lozano

Five day open water paddling course, immediately following the Hudson River Skills Weekend.

June 16 to 20 (Tuesday - Saturday)

Coastal KayakingDay 1: Intro to salty water paddling: tides, currents and perhaps some rock gardening - Narrow River

Day 2: Salty water skills: rock gardening, tidal races, surfing, navigation

Day 3: Journey to Block Island (with ferry back), paddling in following and beam seas, on-the-fly navigation and conditions that arise.

Day 4: 3 Star Sea Assessment (optional) or further salty water skills; sunset paddle with dinner at the Ocean Mist

Day 5: Fishers Island tidal race and other salty water opportunities.

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Event Information

  • Registration is limited so that we can keep a high coach to student ratio.
  • Weekend registration has started.
  • Weekend registration includes dinner on Saturday.
  • Single day registration starts on June 1st if there is still space available.
  • Equipment is available to use but specific boats can't be requested.
  • Camping and cabins are available at Norrie State Park.
  • There are only a few cabins available, and they book early.
  • Motels are located nearby.
  • Any assessment fees are not included.
  • More details will get posted shortly.

Registration Information

  • Registration is limited so that we can keep a high coach to student ratio.
  • Weekend registration has started.
  • A 50% payment is due with registration.
  • The balance is required by June 1st.
  • A $50 cancellation fee after May 31.
  • No refund for no shows.
  • Payment can be done over the phone or in person.
  • Download Event Registration Form (PDF)