Cape Cod Weekend

Explore the pristine beauty of Cape Cod with us after the summer crowds.
Autumn is the best time of the year to explore the Cape.

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Venue: Cape Cod Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Prerequisite: Proficiency or equivalent

Price: See Price Page

Intermediate Tour

Meeting Place: Lost Dog Pub (intersection of Route 6A and Route 28)

lat/lon: 41.791772, -69.987036

Program Description

Program Description with maps

Directions to our Paddling locations

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Cape Cod has a large range of paddling areas, from open water to protected marshes and bays. Some staff will camp at Nickerson State Campground, but many clients and staff stay in local motels.

We will do two full day trips, plus a short trip on Monday before the ride home.

Intermediate and above paddlers only. Paddlers should be in good condition for extended hours of paddling at a 3-4 knot pace. Depending on the day, moderate to rough conditions, waves of three to five feet or more, surf landings and tidal race are possible. If conditions allow, this program will push limits.

Equipment is not provided. Good quality sea boats, tow lines, helmet, flash light and other 4 Star equipment are needed. Let us know if you don't have any of this equipment as we might be able to loan it out for the weekend. At low tides we have had to walk boats a long distance over the flats, so good kayaking shoes are a must. Most people will wear drysuits on all but the nicest days. Meals are not included. Most people eat out each night.