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$ 125

Kayak Paddling Instruction Course

This is the course for people with some kayaking experience who want to get the most from themselves and their kayaks by learning core kayaking skills. People attending this course should have completed at least a few full-day trips. They should be comfortable in their boats, and should be comfortable with the likelihood of capsizing for fun and skill development.

Our day is spent learning to use the whole body to control boats efficiently and effectively. We use edging for turning and stability control and focus on legs and torso as well as arms for efficient forward paddling, turning, and moving to the side. Many of the skills covered in Basics will be fine-tuned in Core Techniques.

Boat edging is a major focus of this kayak skills course, but there’s more. We learn fundamental kayaking skills and information needed to contribute to successful and enjoyable journeys.

Topics include: Fine-tuning forward, reverse, stopping, draw, rudder, and sweep strokes. Boat edging, support strokes, rescues, bow rudder, and low brace turn.

Please arrive 20-30 minutes before the program start time to get set up with your equipment so we can get the program started on time.