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AKT’s mission is to promote the safe enjoyment of paddlesports.

We do this by sharing our experience and our knowledge, which we continuously seek to improve.

AKT is changing and we are looking for someone interested in taking it over. This is an amazing opportunity to run/own a kayak touring business with over 30 years of experience. Email us to talk about this opportunity.  

Atlantic Kayak Tours, Inc. is the largest paddlesport company in the tri-state area. We paddle in locations along the Hudson River, from New York Harbor to the Albany area, and along the Atlantic coastline from southern New Jersey to Cape Cod.

As you browse through this site, we hope you will agree that our kayak trips offer more diversity than most other outfitters and at a reasonable price. Our Frequent Paddler Program is an even greater bargain.

This website gets updated weekly throughout the season. New and photos get posted on our Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook to see photos from programs and hear about new trips and special deals.

Our kayaks are quality crafts from a variety of U.S. and British designers. Our paddles and accessory equipment is, likewise, first-rate. What makes us even more special is the talent and friendliness of our staff members, who each year participate in skill and leadership training programs. We owe much of the success of our Hudson River kayak tours to their contributions. Most of our staff were Atlantic Kayak Tours clients at one time.

Atlantic Kayak Tours was started Fiona and Scott Fairty along with Janice and Bill Lozano. Along with Fiona and Scott we have been lucky to meet so many great people along the way. Many of them are now staff who helps make Atlantic Kayak Tours possible. The business continues to change as the sport changes. Our love for paddling never changes. It’s as much fun as it was the first time we go into a kayak.

While this is our last season running Atlantic Kayak Tours, we hope to find someone who wants to continue what Scott, Fiona, Janice and Bill started so many years ago. To all of our friends; We will continue to paddle on the Hudson and many other places and hope you will join us for years to come. It’s been an amazing 35 years and would not have happened with the support from so many people…thank you!

One More Time

Here’s to the final season AKT. It will continue to inspire enthusiasm in the paddling community, reinvigorate many old friendships, and forge new ones.

We are a living testament that paddling matters to people; it changes and improves their lives. it gives people better self confidence and helps them achieve goals outside of paddling.
It forges bonds for people who would have never met in a different way. The personal relationships formed on the water are stronger than in any other place i can imagine. We’re a team stronger than any professional sports team because we do what we do for the love it and no other reason.

We’ve also been fortunate to have so many incredible people pass through our lives because of padding. Even though the paddling season will be over in 6 months, the legacy of what we’ve created will carry on for many more years to come.

So here’s to friendships, to paddling, and to impervious, lasting legacies forged on and off the water.

Scott Fairty

Atlantic Kayak Tours, Inc. is owned by Janice (President) and Bill Lozano. They both started paddling over 35 years ago. Janice and Bill have paddled many different areas along the Atlantic coast from Maine to Belize in Central America and in the UK. The Hudson Valley is still one of our favorite places to paddle.


About Scott

35 years ago Janice and I went to a kayak symposium at Purchase University. There were a few outdoor stores and kayak companies there. Janice and I have been paddling a couple of years in our Klepper kayaks. I went up to a woman at the Outdoor Sports Center booth and asked if they offered kayak trips. She introduced herself (Fiona) and said they didn’t so I asked why? “We don’t have anyone to run them”. I just said “How about Me” and Fiona said “OK” and that was the start of what would become Atlantic Kayak Tours. Like most new paddlers I thought I knew what I was doing. After all, I read every book on Sea Kayaking (4 books) so I was an expert.

Fiona invited Janice and I to meet her to talk about running trips for them. She introduced us to her partner (Scott) who was still a newish kayaker. We started running programs for the Outdoor Sports Center. Quickly we all realized that to grow we couldn’t be attached to a single store so we decided to start two businesses both called Atlantic Kayak Tours. One in CT and one in NY. Fiona and Scott ran the instructional programs while Janice and I ran the tours.

Fiona worked in Ireland running sea kayaking programs using Anas Acuta kayaks. So I had to try one and I thought “why would you want to paddle a kayak that takes so much concentration to keep it upright and on course. That quickly changed to why would you want to paddle a kayak that isn’t as much fun as an Anas Acuta.

Helping them on the instructional programs enlightened me on what was possible in a kayak. They took me to Matunuck in RI to go surfing. Watching Scott and Fiona was inspiring. Since that trip Scott and I did many other fun and challenging trips together. both on rivers and in the ocean We paddled rivers in both canoes and kayaks. We coached together too many times to remember. Even after Scott and Fiona had three children and moved away we kept in touch and would meet up at events or when passing near each other’s homes. We worked for BCUNA for years trying to bring higher quality coaching to North America (along with many other people).

I’ve never met another person like Scott. He never got mad. He never said he was a better paddler or coach than anyone else, even when he usually was. He would do anything he could to help. He cared as a kayaker, coach, friend, father, husband and a person.

Scott will be missed by so many people. I will miss paddling with him, coaching with him or having a drink as we debrief a program.


Access Statements

Atlantic Kayak Tours is dedicated to expanding opportunities for paddlers of all abilities through equal access to our programs, adaptive training, and the enthusiastic support of our staff and all who paddle with us.

Privacy Policy

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