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Instruction Description

This 2 day course focuses on skills needed to paddle and lead on open water where you encounter conditions created by the tides, currents and winds. The location we use will be dependent on the tides/currents and the conditions of the day. The location we pick for the day will determine what we cover on the program. We could cover many different subjects including equipment, strokes on open water, rescues, surfing small waves, handling following and beam seas, navigation, playing in rock gardens and more. On-the-fly navigation techniques like “ranges? that will keep you on course will also be covered.

Each of the three locations offer unique opportunities. Narrow River is good for surf and rock garden play. Block Island is a long open water trip dealing with forward strokes, directional skills and navigation. A ferry is our way back at the end of this long sea kayaking classic trip. Fishers Island includes tidal races at both ends of the island and the opportunity to cross “The Race” out to Little Gull Island. Some people think this is a long slog but we think on the right day this is the most fun you can have in a kayak.

A solid paddling foundation is needed before taking this program. Playing in rock gardens and landing on rocky coastlines are risky activities. Everyone will need to carry full kit for an open water trip including; chart, compass, spare paddles, first aid kit, helmet, headlamp, extra clothing, food, signaling equipment. There is a possibility that we will get back after sunset and include some night paddling.

Incident management scenarios and group leadership topics will be covered. Expect the program to challenging. The program may run late depending on where we are paddling each day.

Topics include: equipment, leadership, knots, navigation, handling moderate surf, deepwater rescues, strokes on open water.

*Note: No Rental boats available. Must bring own sea kayak and safety equipment. We can loan out helmets if needed.

Call to Book: This program is call to book as we need to screen each candidate to make sure they meet the prerequisites. See below.