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Norrie Kayak Basics Course

This half-day kayaking course is appropriate for kayakers seeking to gain confidence in basic techniques. It covers basic strokes (moving forward, backwards, and turning), how to efficiently and effectively use your paddle, core muscle use and torso rotation, how to handle a capsize safely, and proper gear and boat fit. The emphasis is on skills to make your boat move more efficiently.

We will demonstrate wet exits, self-rescues and peer rescues. You can watch the demos or take part in the rescues. Rescues are covered in detail on our Safety and Rescue program. During the day, we discuss kayak clothing and equipment. At the end of the day you come away knowing the basic kayaking information you’ll need to participate safely in organized kayak trips.

While we expect you will learn a lot on this program, we’ll do our best to make sure you have fun learning. At breaks we can discuss kayak and paddle designs, which helps you decide what equipment best suits your needs. We talk about outfitting yourself and your kayak for safe paddling. We offer many different styles and makes of kayaks available for rent on this program. If you have not already purchased a kayak, we will help you pick the right boat for your size, skill, and budget.

Topics include: Introduction of basic strokes including forward, reverse, stopping, and turning. We also cover equipment, injury prevention, safety and fun, fun, fun.

Please arrive 20-30 minutes before the program start time to get set up with your equipment so we can get the program started on time.