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$ 40

Kayaking Skills Instruction

We paddle some and stop along the way to work on skills. The conditions of the day and the group needs help determine what we cover each week. At the same time, the evening sessions we’ll also be enjoying the sunset on the Hudson River.

Learn to control your kayak using new skills or improve your current skills. Increase the efficiency of your forward stroke. Prevent your kayak from capsizing. Rescue others in real life conditions using a variety of different techniques. Have fun and play games. Kayaking is about balance. Games are about having fun. Kayak games improve your skills and we also have fun playing them.

For the evening sessions, you need to have a white flashlight or headlamp as we will be getting off the water near or after sunset. Every session is about enjoying the Hudson, improving skills, and having fun. The Saugerties Sunset programs are a great way to put your skills to work while enjoying an evening paddle on the Hudson River.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the program start time to get set up with your equipment so we can get the program started on time.