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Kayak Tour in Cape Cod

Cape Cod has a large range of paddling areas, from open water to protected marshes and bays. Some staff will camp at Nickerson State Campground, but many clients and staff stay in local motels.

We do two full-day trips, plus a short trip on Monday before the ride home.

Intermediate and above paddlers only. Paddlers should be in good condition for extended hours of paddling at a three to four knot pace. Depending on the day, moderate to rough conditions, waves of three to five feet or more, surf landings and tidal race are possible. If conditions allow, this Cape Cod weekend kayak tour will push your limits.

Equipment is not provided. Good quality sea boats, tow lines, helmet, flash light and other 4 Star equipment are needed. At low tides we have had to walk boats a long distance over the flats, so good kayaking shoes are a must. Meals are not included. Most people dine out each night.

*Note: No Rental boats available. Must bring own sea kayak and safety equipment.

Call to Book: This program is call to book as we need to screen each candidate to make sure they meet the prerequisites. See below.